Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Three little boys

We all got together at Derrick's house on Christmas day and it was fun to put the three newest Ellis boys together. Lance is on the left, Jared is in the middle, and Tristan is on the right. While we were there, Mark made a comment that with so many babies around it was hard to tell which one was which. Without thinking about it I said, "Mine is the white one." After looking at this picture, I also noticed that mine is the tallest one as well.

Happy Birthday Larry and Joshua

Joshua's birthday was January 23. We had a party in Boise at Grandma C's house. All the Boise cousins came and we went to PoJo's to play. The boys loved the bumper cars. The attendent was very nice and even let Joseph drive one by himself. Joshua loves superheros and he asked if he could have a Spiderman party. I got up early so that I could make cupcakes and cake and decorate them for the party. Larry's birthday is January 22 so we celebrated them together. Larry didn't request a specific kind of party so he got Spiderman as well.

Jared Alexander Green

Jared Alexander Green was born on November 28, 2009. He is a very special baby. He has a sweet little spirit that is calming. When I hold him I feel the peace that surrounds him.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Show Me the Money!!

My sisters Janet and Mollie, and me and Larry got together one day and took our kids to the zoo in Boise. They all loved it. In this picture they are waiting their turn to ride on the Merry Go Round which cost $1. They are all proud to show off their dollars. Little Whitney is in front, then from left to right there is Preston, Joshua, and Joseph.
The boys loved the zoo. It has been a couple of months and Joseph still talks about the lions, he makes sure to get a roar in every time that he says "lion". Joshua's favorite was the monkeys.


As I have said before, my boys love their super heros. For Halloween last year, Joshua really wanted to be Batman, but we couldn't find a Batman costume that fit him. So instead he go a Power Ranger costume and I made a black cape so that he could pretend that he was Batman. Since that time the Power Ranger costume has become a generic super hero costume. Basically, Joshua decides which super hero he wants to be and then he puts on the costume. Joseph on the other hand was a monkey for Halloween. At the time he was too little to really understand what was going on. However, now he wants to be a super hero too, so he puts on his monkey costume and he is SUPER MONKEY. So in this picture we have SUPER JOSH AND SUPER MONKEY JOS.
A few months ago we decided that we needed to get bunk beds for our boys. Mostly because I was tired of Joseph falling out of his toddler bed because it was too small. On the first day that Larry got the bed set up, both boys and their cousin Whitney had to get on top and play. Since then, Joseph has figured out how to climb up so that he can wake up his older brother in the mornings. Neither one of them can wait for the other one to wake up so they wake each other up. Then they hug and are so happy to see each other. Then, after about 20-30 minutes they are fighting, and so goes the the rest of the day. They are either loving each other or fighting.

Bucket Boy Josey

I don't know what is so fun about sitting in a bucket, but my boys love to play "Bucket Boy". One of them just sits in the bucket and laughs while the other one dances around and sings "Bucket Boy, Bucket Boy!"