Thursday, September 25, 2008

Super Why/Batman

Joshua is really into Super Heros lately. His favorites are Batman, Super Why, and Hercules. He likes to dress up like these super heros and fly around the house. His Grandma C bought his Halloween costume a few weeks ago and the other day he told me that he wanted it to be Halloween so that he could wear his costume. I told him that we could pretend it was Halloween and that he could dress up. He put on his costume, but it didn't have a cape. He told me that in order to fly a super hero needs a cape, so we pinned one on. Them he told me that he was Batman. Later he said that he was done being Batman and that he was going to be Super Why. His other favorite super hero is Hercules. He made up his costume for this one. He went and found a headband in with my hair stuff and put it on, then he asked for a cape and his sandals, which he calls "Hercules shoes". After having a home-made costume for Hercules, he was really excited when Grandma bought him a real live super hero costume.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Building the Sandbox

One of our goals this summer was to get a sandbox built. Little boys need a place to dig and get dirty. It was an all day job, but the Green men, little and big, got the job done.

Bucket Boy

Joshua likes to play a game that we call "Bucket Boy". Basically it just means that he sits in a bucket, and Joseph and I laugh at him.

The Green Family

Well here we are. This picture is actually about a year old, but it is the best one that I have. I made a goal this year to do better with my journal writing, and I am trying. I was talking to Kylee Thompson and she told me that you can use a blog like a journal so I figured I might as well get started. Besides, what good are all my pictures just sitting on my computer where no one but me and the boys and Larry get to see them.