Thursday, August 6, 2009

Show Me the Money!!

My sisters Janet and Mollie, and me and Larry got together one day and took our kids to the zoo in Boise. They all loved it. In this picture they are waiting their turn to ride on the Merry Go Round which cost $1. They are all proud to show off their dollars. Little Whitney is in front, then from left to right there is Preston, Joshua, and Joseph.
The boys loved the zoo. It has been a couple of months and Joseph still talks about the lions, he makes sure to get a roar in every time that he says "lion". Joshua's favorite was the monkeys.


As I have said before, my boys love their super heros. For Halloween last year, Joshua really wanted to be Batman, but we couldn't find a Batman costume that fit him. So instead he go a Power Ranger costume and I made a black cape so that he could pretend that he was Batman. Since that time the Power Ranger costume has become a generic super hero costume. Basically, Joshua decides which super hero he wants to be and then he puts on the costume. Joseph on the other hand was a monkey for Halloween. At the time he was too little to really understand what was going on. However, now he wants to be a super hero too, so he puts on his monkey costume and he is SUPER MONKEY. So in this picture we have SUPER JOSH AND SUPER MONKEY JOS.
A few months ago we decided that we needed to get bunk beds for our boys. Mostly because I was tired of Joseph falling out of his toddler bed because it was too small. On the first day that Larry got the bed set up, both boys and their cousin Whitney had to get on top and play. Since then, Joseph has figured out how to climb up so that he can wake up his older brother in the mornings. Neither one of them can wait for the other one to wake up so they wake each other up. Then they hug and are so happy to see each other. Then, after about 20-30 minutes they are fighting, and so goes the the rest of the day. They are either loving each other or fighting.

Bucket Boy Josey

I don't know what is so fun about sitting in a bucket, but my boys love to play "Bucket Boy". One of them just sits in the bucket and laughs while the other one dances around and sings "Bucket Boy, Bucket Boy!"

New Baby

I have really neglected my blog. I have been so busy since I started working that I haven't been able to keep up with anything. Since the last time that I added anything to my blog we found out that we are having another baby. We had the ultrasound a couple of weeks ago and found out that we are having another boy. The Lord must know more about me then I know about myself. I never thought that I could raise three boys and stay sane, but we are about to find out. I am really excited. Larry was shocked at first and it took the boys awhile to adjust to the idea of another brother. They were really hoping for a sister, especially Joshua. I told Josh that another brother would be really fun because they could play super heros together and when they get older they can go camping together. After that he decided that it would be ok to have another little brother. We are thinking of naming him Jared Nathan Green, but we haven't decided for sure yet. Our Green House is getting fuller and fuller and we love it. Baby Jared is due to arrive sometime around the end of Nov. or the first part of Dec.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

One Happy Family

This photo was taken at Christmas time. I was bound and determined to get a family photo, but the boys had other ideas. Joshua was not happy about getting dressed up in his christmas sweater and sitting still for the picture. Because Joshua wasn't thrilled about it Joseph figured it must not be the best idea either and they both fought against it. Finally, after many tears and two frustrated parents, we got this shot. Not bad considering what we had to go through to get it.
I can't believe that I have let so much time go by without adding to my blog. Since I started working in September, I don't seem to have much time for anything. I work from home, so I never get to leave the office. I just have to decide on a time that I am going to quit working and quit for the day. Unfortunately, the phone doesn't cooperate with my schedule. It usually starts ringing as early as 6:30 am and doesn't stop until sometimes after 7:00 pm. Joseph has seen me with the phone to my ear so much that he thinks that he needs a phone too. He will come to me and demand the phone by looking at me with his big blue eyes and saying "phone!!" When I tell him no and put it away, he just climbs up on the counters to get it. He is such a climber. One day I was cleaning the kitchen and he was playing on the floor. I went into the bedroom to put something away, and when I got back he had pushed a chair up to the stove and was sitting on one of the elements getting ready to turn one of the nobs. Needless to say, I keep a close eye on him now when he is in the kitchen and if I have to leave the kitchen and he is playing there I take the chairs into the livingroom. I tried putting the chair on top of the table, but Joseph tried to pull them down. He is my very busy little boy.
Joshua is officially no long a toddler. He turned 3 on January 23 and likes to remind me how big he is on a daily basis. One day Joseph decided to tease his brother and and called him "Joshua, baby." Of course that did not go over well with Joshua. I am amazed at how grown up he is now. I remember when I was working on my degree in one of my child development classes the teacher talked about the age of three being a magic age because the child's brain seems to just open up and is ready for new things to be poured in. Joshua is very interested in colors, numbers, letters and shapes. He points out circles and triangles to me all the time and even draws them or makes them out of things that he finds around the house. He is very interested in writing and coloring so we do a lot of that. But, we have to protect the crayons from Joseph and our puppy Blaze because they like to chew on them.
My babies are officially growing up. I look at little Jos and I know that he really isn't a baby anymore, but I still call him my baby and I still cuddle him whenever he will let me. I am just amazed at how much my life has changed over the years and how thankful I am for where I am at now and for the family that I have.

Snow Day!!!!

This was the first real snow fall we had this winter and the boys and I loved it. Joseph was so bundeled up that he could hardely walk, but he had fun falling in the snow. Joshua throughly enjoyed the snow. He made snow angels and footprints, and even had fun sliding down his slide into the snow. This was in December, and later when it snowed more, Larry pushed the snow in to a huge hill tall enough that we could sled down it. Joshua loved that. Josie on the other hand missed out because he was napping. Since the first snow fall, the boys have had fun tromping through it and just being wild boys in all the white stuff. We bought the boys a snow shovel so that they could help keep the walks clear. Of course they fight over it, we should have bought two, but they have fun. Josh likes to throw the snow up in the air and watch it come back down. He also likes to get shovels full of snow and throw the snow at Mom and Jos. We have had fun with the snow, but I'm ready for warm spring days when we can play outside without having to bundle up so much.